Learning to take a step back

Navigating the waters of entrepreneurship can be challenging – throw a family farm, couple kids, and a new little farm of our own into the mix.. and I feel like I am always treading water – just staying afloat! My mother and mother in-law reassure me that this is a perfectly normal feeling in life – things just keep getting busier.

I am also terrible at saying NO.  I want to do everything, try everything, prove everyone wrong when they say I CANT do it, and do some more, because I think I do my best work when I have a million things to juggle.

I started this year off tell myself: “I am going to do 10 Season & Supply dinners – because doing more means your more successful: – right? WRONG. While having dinner with a couple of my best friends – they pointed out that QUALITY over QUANTITY might be the best approach (sounds obvious right?) while sometime when your treading water and just trying to stay afloat – you forget things, miss things, and don’t always see things clearly. So I’ve decided to cut back my dinners to 4 this spring/summer and they are: Dinner at the Greenhouse, Dinner in the Garden, Alberta Open Farm Days, Dinner in the Field.

This doesn’t mean that if a crazy, fun, adventurous opportunity arises that I won’t take it (chances are 99.99% that I will take it haha) but this gives me time to step back, enjoy my kids, the farm, and putting on the BEST possible Season & Supply dinners for you guys!


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A quaint table set up for a dinner