Westway Farms Ltd.

The main family farm!

My dad started Westway Farms Ltd. 40 years ago – he was a city kid from Calgary that fell in love with farming when he would spend his summers in Manitoba with his grandpa at their farm. Farming became his passion and he bought his first piece of land in the Didsbury area when he was 24. From there things grew and he was able to purchase a small farm where he began to run a few cows, pigs, and grain farm.

Westway Farms owners at their farm with a truck in the background

In 1992 he decided to build a seed cleaning plant and become a certified seed grower and things have just snowballed since. Westway Farms Ltd. now runs about 450 cow/calf pairs, feeds and finishes 400 head, and grain farms about 7000 acres.

Cows at Westway farm in their pen


I am the oldest of 4 kids (followed by my brother Will, sister Andie, and youngest sister Josie) Currently Will, Andie, my husband and myself all work full time at the farm – along with 5 full time year round employees – and of course my dad – he won’t ever retire. So it really is a family affair and we all mesh and meld together to make it work.

The family who runs Westway farms poses in front of a tractor in Didsbury Alberta

Each of us brings different strengths and attributes to the table  – also working with the ebb and flow of changing seasons and changing personal lives (aka kids, pregnancies, university) we all adapt and we all help each other to get through – even though we may drive each other crazy at times – I can’t imagine a different life.

Grain elevators at Westway Farms

Farm life is so fulfilling and it’s exceptional to watch my kids grow up in this life. We take pride in environmental stewardship, animal husbandry, and growing food for people. If you have any questions you would like to ask a farmer please don’t hesitate to reach out!

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