New Year New Goals

Last year was a big year for our family!


My husband and I finally moved from our tiny one bedroom loft above the shop at the main family farmyard and purchased our own 160acres with a house! It feels like so much space! We have big dreams for our own farm that we will slowly work towards and will keep you updated on as they happen – but for now we are fulltime farming at the main Westway Farms Ltd. yard and are looking forward to an exciting year!

Cattle in a pen in Didsbury Alberta

2018 was a learning year for me with Season & Supply.

Learning how to juggle being a mom of two, a farmer, a wife, taking over some office duties at the main farm and running Season & Supply in the mix of all that! I need to start by saying it really does take a village – I could not do it all without the support of my family (husband, parents, in-laws, siblings, friends, extended family). We hosted 6 dinners last year and each one was beautiful with several positive takeaways and a few learnings.

Season and Supply founder plays with a German Shepard dog


This year I’ve made it my mission to bring it back to the farm.

All the dinners Season & Supply hosts this year will be right at the farm! We will be hosting at different farms this year – giving our guests a wide range of agricultural experiences and learning opportunities – we want to close the gap between producers and consumers. Keep your eye out for tickets because we plan to release them soon and you won’t want to miss out!

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